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Let's Spay Solano

You see them every day ... near the grocery store, outside a fast food restaurant, or just laying in the sun.  They have their own secret life and society.  They live alongside us, but not necessarily with us.  You know, though, that their life is rough.  They breed and breed and breed, but unfortunately, many of the kittens are euthanized by Animal Control.  Only a lucky few make it to be adopted.  The rest survive through the help of caretakers.  They won't go away, they will always be with us.

Who are they?  FERAL CATS.  They range from truly wild cats to tame cats that were, unfortunately, abandoned or got away from their owner.

Now there is a way you can help !  

Premier Animal Rescue has started a project, SPAY SOLANO, and your financial donations can help us end the cycle of killing.  Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) has proven to be the most effective​ way to manage the feral cat population.  Time and again, Animal Control Agencies, Humane Societies, and animal rescue foundations turn to TNR to reduce overpopulation and control disease in feral cats.  The problem won't go away through killing, nor by ignoring it.  A systematic plan to spay and neuter feral cats is the way to help.  

Premier Animal Rescue has recieved grants from the Petco Foundation and ASPCA to get started.  But now we turn to you to sustain our efforts.  
Won't you donate to help?  

Your donation of $25 will neuter a male cat, $40 will spay a female cat.
Please send your tax deductible donations to:
Premier Animal Rescue
P. O. Box 6763
Vacaville, CA  95696

Vacaville Petco
Saturday and Sunday

  Furrballs Everywhere!

We all just LOVE those cute little fur balls.
We have dozens of babies
available for adoption and 
we hope you'll consider 
adding one of these little 
bundles to your family.

This time of year also brings 
many challenges with being 
able to afford the care 
and feeding of so many kittens.

We appreciate any donations. 

We have also started a 
recycling program with
Funding Factory.

Bring us your used 
inkjet and laser cartridges, 
small electronics 
(digital cameras, mp3 players)
and used Cell Phones.

We send them in and receive 
points we can redeem for cash 
to help caring for the animals.

In addition, you can 
support the cause by 
Yes, shopping !

Don't forget that the proceeds from

Premier Boutique

also benefit the rescue!

​You can drop off donations to the boutique at 520 Main Street in Downtown Vacaville or at Vacaville Petco on weekends. 

Thank you for your support!

We could not do this without you!